What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage materialised as a form of treatment in the early eighteenth century to enable athletes to prepare and recover from competitions. 

Every sport utilises different muscle groups and joint actions. Sports massage therapy considers the individual sport and athlete movement to enable the treatment to be tailored to the individual. 

Sports massage uses a range of pressures, techniques and stretching which makes it different from other massage methods. Sports massage is a treatment that involves the manipulation of soft tissue to enable a person to partake in regular physical activity. It is also used to treat injuries, postural imbalances, prevent injuries and improve mobility. This enables an athlete to enhance their performance, improve recovery from activity and prevent injuries in the long term. 

In addition to massage, stretching techniques can be applied to reduce muscle tension, increase muscle length and ease pressure, reducing pain. 

Sports massage is not just beneficial to athletes but also to people who may suffer with stiffness, pain, postural imbalances and long term chronic pain caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia, migraine and back pain. 

The overall benefits of sports massage can include:

·         Muscle relaxation

·         Swelling reduction

·         Improve circulation

·         Improved flexibility and range of motion in   joints

·         Improved recovery rate from exercise

·         Injury prevention


An initial consultation appointment is always required.  


Initial 60 minute consultation plus treatment              £45.00

30 Minute Sports Massage                                         £25.00

60 Minute Sports Massage                                         £40.00