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Hi! I'm Clare.

I believe that everyone is an individual and we all have different goals, aspirations and reasons to train. 

It is my aim to bring the “personal” back into personal training! 

Enjoyment and fun is the key to sustainability and this is the most important aspect of training to me. 

I provide a complete approach to personal training by incorporating exercise, nutrition and lifestyle advice. All these aspects are important and need to be  balanced to allow you to reach your full potential both in your sport and your every day life.

I aim to bring fun and variety to your workouts in a challenging yet enjoyable way. I want you to experience the love for  exercise, sport and fitness that motivates me daily.

I was a Solicitor for 9 years and although I enjoyed this career my true passion has always been in sport and nutrition.

I have always been a sports fanatic. I grew up playing many team sports and continued into adulthood playing hockey.

My true love is running and I have competed from a young age. As an adult I have ventured into endurance running completing ultra runs, marathon, half marathons and 10ks. I balance my running with strength training, swimming and Pilates.

“What seems impossible today will one day become your warm up" so get in touch and let’s train hard, train smart and most importantly  let me help you bring the fun into your fitness!